Running backwards

Walking Backwards: Mind And Body Benefits

Performing the same fitness procedure every day can get a bit tiring. To avoid this, you do not need to reinvent the wheel or completely abandon it in the training that you are currently doing.

Something as subtle as turning on 10-20 minutes ago or jogging several times a week can provide you with a variety of exercises that your mind and body crave. Why go backwards?

At first glance, a walk backwards may seem silly or useless. However, take a deeper look. This actually provides a number of benefits both for your physical and mental well-being. It’s an easy way to challenge different muscles and get your mind to focus and act differently.

Walking backwards gives a number of advantages to your mind and body

Walking backwardsMental Advantages

  • increased sense of body awareness
  • strengthening coordination of the body and movement in space
  • helps to avoid boredom in training
  • improves general mood
  • helps with sleep cycles
  • motivates you to step outside of your comfort zone
  • keeps your mind guessing
  • sharpens your thinking abilities and improves cognitive control
  • puts feelings in overdrive, improving eyesight

Benefits for the body

  • increases strength in muscles of smaller size
  • helps rehabilitate knee injuries
  • improves walking techniques and shape
  • helps with balance
  • calorie burns > helps maintain a healthy weight
  • strengthens bones and muscles
  • increases energy level
  • improves body metabolism

Other advantages

Walking moving forwardWhile walking is normal (moving forward) – this is what we do every day without any conscious thought, walking backwards can help you quickly increase your stamina and aerobic abilities. This is because the challenge that you put on your body is greater. You force your body to adapt to new and unfamiliar requirements, which contributes to the improvement and growth of your physical form. It is challenging but rewarding, just like a lot of other things in life, for example, live baccarat game. You won’t understand the benefits until you try it.

In a study published in the journal Biomechanics, it was found that a reverse move reduces pain in the front knee compared with forward motion. Another study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine showed that a combination of backstroke and walking can improve cardiorespiratory fitness and change body composition.

Your body is less familiar with walking backwards, so you can expect to get more cardiovascular and caloric benefits for a shorter period of time. This makes your workouts more efficient and intense.

Ways to try to go backwards

Try to go backwardsTrying to run backwards outside is certainly possible, but it can be safer to use a treadmill. This may sound like a dangerous way to work with all variables, such as speed and a rotating belt. But the treadmill offers a handrail and a stable place for you to improve your ability to run backwards.

If you are familiar with walking and / or jogging on a treadmill, you still want to approach it with caution. Start off the treadmill at a low speed (starting at 1 mile per hour), and then proceed to a quicker walk (about 3 mph).

If you feel that you are a little out of control, slow down. Focus on each individual step and focus on each step, instead of being ahead of yourself. Remember that safety comes first. Start small, and then create it when you feel comfortable.

Run backwards

Run backwardsWhen you advance to higher speeds on the treadmill, you can try to go backwards. This version actually works to reduce the load on your knees than traditional running, which makes it ideal for those struggling with pain in the knee. With reverse, it is even more important to make safety a priority. Use handrails on the treadmill as necessary.

If you have access to the track (inside or outside), it can act as an alternative to the treadmill. Many gyms have indoor walkways. Also, check if there is an outdoor walkway at your local school. It can be open to the public when school practices are not conducted.

Next steps

Finding a rhythm in everyday routine is not bad. But all your hard work and time spent in the gym can often be used more effectively if you change your training. Adding a few minutes backwards to your routine can be challenging and fun. Bring an exercise friend with you to share a few laughs.

Everyone feels a bit strange, and first starts walking or jogging backwards. But soon you will feel the satisfaction of the various muscles involved in a new way.

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