Top 10 best amusement parks in Europe

Top 10 best amusement parks in Europe

Currently, throughout the world, amusement parks are a thriving industry, attracting the attention of many visitors of all ages. We offer an overview of the 10 most popular amusement parks in Europe.

Disneyland, France

Disneyland France

This example of the American mass culture causes discontent except that the stiff European snobs, while unbiased visitors remain completely delighted with it. Boys, for sure, like the Pirate Country of Adventure and the Wild West, and the girls will not remain indifferent from the maze of Alice and the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. Adults will appreciate the karting track, roller coaster and flight simulator, but for the whole family there are shows, parades and fireworks.

Asterix Park, France

Asterix Park France

This park adjoins the famous Disneyland and is the French answer to American expansion. We can say that in comparison with its famous competitor Park Asterix even wins. There is much less people here than at Disneyland, but a variety of water attractions will give a pleasant freshness on a hot summer day.

Port Aventura, Spain

The main attraction of the Spanish coast of Costa Dorada offers its guests a new look at world geography. From the Mediterranean zone, you can easily visit China, Mexico or Polynesia. Small visitors will enjoy the Sesame play area, and the most desperate guests will appreciate the insane hill Dragon Khan.

Legoland, Denmark

Of the small details of the world-famous Danish Lego constructor, a whole world has been built. It is divided into play areas for children of different ages and is a real paradise for children. If you are the “lucky” parent, don’t worry, you can always grab your phone and take pictures of your happy children or play some free spins games to enjoy your time.

Gardaland Park, Italy

Gardaland Park Italy

Make a breather from the architectural and pictorial masterpieces of Northern Italy is possible. Visit the amusement park Gardaland. Here visitors are waited with weight of attractions, thematic zones, slides, water descents and even a sea aquarium.

Europe Park, Germany

In the south-western part of Germany is one of the most famous and visited in Europe amusement parks – Europe Park. The name of the park reflects its device: each of the thematic zones is dedicated to a particular country or region of the Old World. For example, Russia is represented by the Lada auto circuit, the Mir space station, the radio telescope and a trip to Siberia.

Falmingoland, United Kingdom

On the common territory in North Yorkshire amicably there is a zoo and an amusement park. Here you can see many species of wild animals, including African. There are also pets living on the farm, on which you can ride a tractor. Rides on attractions because of the close location of the zoo resembles a real safari.

Liseberk Park, Sweden

Liseberk Park SwedenIn the vicinity of Gothenburg there is the Liseberk couple, which is a world-famous stage venue, the DG was performed by the most famous rock and pop musicians, including Ringo Starr, Rolling Stones, ABBA and Led Zeppelin. In addition, there is everything, as in other similar parks – the hotel of ghosts, the castle of fairy tales, the roller coaster, the falling booths and much more.

Amusement park Efteling, Netherlands

Beautiful flower beds, pine groves, green lawns and ponds with lilies, complemented by numerous attractions and fairy-tale characters, wandering in the abundance along the park paths – all this is Efteling Park, which makes not only children but adults believe in fairy tales.

Adventure Park One, Lithuania




Not far from Druskininkai, on the picturesque bank of Nemunas river there is a park for outdoor activities in natu


re. Here, visitors are offered routes that run along ropes, which are stretched between trees and thrown across the river. Depending on the power capabilities and age, you can easily select the option with different levels of complexity. A variety of trails, races and descents, as well as a water park nearby are always welcome to their guests.


Whichever amusement park you go to, you will always have a pleasant pastime and a cheerful mood.

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