Best Games to Play at a Park

The park encompasses a large and extensive amount of activities with which to enjoy in it, either from the sports field or even just the recreational. But in this last area named, you can choose a still much larger number of activities or games.

The games are part of the child’s cognitive development or can even be used in adults to cure diseases. Many studies have shown that playing in a natural zone enhances the person’s confidence, and the ability to socialize.

One of the funniest games is the one with races with sacks. What is it? Because it is easy, you must gather at least 4 participants, place a starting point and a goal, as if it were a common and current career. However the difference is that participants should use sacks on their feet, if, as well as read, sacks.

This will add a lot of difficulty to each game, since to move they must jump; they could also fall if they are not careful. Obviously the person who can reach the goal faster is the winner.

Another ideal game to recreate the children is the so-called “jump the river” which consists of marking an imaginary river with either a rope or also placing objects that assimilate obstacles along the way. The mission that will be put to the participants is to cross an estimated distance from what will be the imaginary forest, and when arriving to the river they will have a lot of obstacles, which will make difficult the passage

Whoever manages to avoid obstacles with an incredible jump will be the winner. This game of recreation is ideal for children and adolescents since; they can practice jumps and learn to overcome obstacles.

Race in sacks, football and much more can be played at park

Play with the ball; this is one of the typical games in the park, the great thing about this activity is that it can be played by both children and adults, which means that it is suitable for everyone!

You can choose a medium rubber ball and be careful on the surface and area of ​​the park where you go to play. In case of playing with children make sure that you are away from the reach of people, bicycles and skaters.

Speaking of ball games, another of the games, or rather, the most popular sport is soccer, known worldwide, Who has not played a good game with friends or even children ?, the park is ideal to recreate The world cup in a much more important way. Just place two goals that can be even a pair of rocks at each end of the court.

As you can observe the park and games go hand in hand since we stepped on it. You can use your imagination to achieve fun and original games, even in the educational area you can use one of them to make your students have better results. It’s time to start the action and prove what you learned in this article! Let’s play!